Aggressor Safari Lodges® - Sustainability

The Aggressor Safari Lodges are very focused on sustainability and giving back to the country. The lodges support conservation and community
involvement in many ways which directly support the needs of the surrounding communities of the lodges and the love of nature.  It is important to Aggressor to develop a significant positive influence on the local people, the environment, animal life and the tourism.
Here’s what we are doing:

Aggressor Safari Lodges® - Sri Lanka
  • The lodge staff are almost all from surrounding local villages.  Hospitality training is offered with higher income salaries than local farming activities.

  • Local villagers and farmers surrounding the Aggressor Safari Lodge and bordering Wilpattu National Park are being offered financial incentives to bring wild animals they would normally kill, poach or eat that encroach on their land from the park to the ATSL lodge for release back into the Kalaoya River and Wilpattu Park. (Crocodile, Mouse Deer, Tortoise, Fresh water Turtles/Terrapins, Peacocks, Water and Land Monitor Lizards and Hares)

  • Solar power in use in many areas to reduce our carbon footprint.