The Wildlife of Sri Lanka

Minneryia is home to the largest Asian elephant gathering known to exist, over 300 elephants live in this area. The Sri Lankan elephants are seen very frequently when traveling to Minneryia National Park. They live mainly in the dry, lowlands of Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankan leopard can be found at Wilpattu National Park during your safari tour. This species is listed as endangered because their population is under 950 individuals. They are mostly active during their hunting period between dawn and dusk, but are seen frequently during the daytime.
  Sloth Bear
The Sri Lankan Sloth bear is endemic to the country and can typically be found in the lowlands of Wilpattu National Park. They are particularly interesting because they mainly eat insects like termites, bee hives, and fruits, but are known to consume small mammals.
While traveling to the monkey kingdom, you will encounter three types of monkeys: the Toque Macaque, the Gray Langur, and the Purple Faced Langur. While visiting these monkeys in their natural jungle habitat, you can observe their interaction with family, friends, and even their enemies.
  Wild Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo in Sri Lanka is listed as endangered because there are less than 4,000 of these animals left. They reside in wet grasslands, swamps and densely vegetated river valleys.
  Axis Spotted Deer
Sri Lankan Axis Deer can be spotted while exploring Wilpattu National Park. These deer are known for their white spots and ginger hide and are commonly known as ‘spotted deer.’ They stay quite active during the day and are most likely spotted mid-day.
The mugger crocodile is a medium-sized crocodile that mostly inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps and marshes. They are seen while venturing to Wilpattu National Park.
 Star Tortoise
The Indian star tortoise is a threatened species of tortoise found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and Sri Lanka. This species is quite popular in the exotic pet trade, which is the main reason it is endangered
  Mouse Deer
Sri Lankan mouse deer can be found on the property of the Aggressor Safari Lodge. They can also be seen at the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka. 
  Monitor Lizard
Monitor lizards are large lizards native to Sri Lanka and they live in areas close to the water. They are wonderful swimmers and use their large, lengthy tails to guide through the water. These reptiles can be found while exploring Wilpattu National Park.
These beautiful canines are mysterious, agile, and curious. They are skilled hunters and take down large prey as a pack. You can expect to see these mammals in Wilpattu National Park. 
 Indian Peafowl
Commonly known as a peacock, this animal can frequently be found exploring the Aggressor Safari Lodge property. The male peacock is predominately blue and is known for its extravagant pattern of colorful feathers.
 Birdlife in the Wilpattu National Park
Wetland bird species found in the Wilpattu National Park include the Garganey, Pin tail, Whistling Teal, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Large White Egret, Cattle Egret and Purple Heron. Also, many species of Gulls, Terns, Owls, Kites and Eagles also live here. The endemic Sri Lankan Jungle fowl, Little Cormorant and the Painted Stork can also can be seen.